Finally, A Search for a Shadow of the Past, redo

Which thanks to new age digital age software can be published in a mini coffee table format, or an Edward Curtis "Shadowcatcher" photographic folio, in full color on a high resolution tablet screens; or as spread on a larger HD computer monitor in an extremely easy on the eye read spread, by turning pages with a finger flick, Acrobat PDF full screen mode; or by on-demand printing into a perfect bound, or hard back library book.

As the chronicle of a "Journal of Discovery" of a family pioneering the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail is a "words are pictures / pictures are words" production of 600 pages, with almost half being 7 x 10 inch bleed trim high resolution PhotoShop re-masted 1970s Ektachrome transparencies, page left graphics, with page right words, done in InDesign, a program that respects 500 years if typographic art traditions over that of Information Age default typefaces.

As Search for a Shadow is a story that came out of Barry Murray's freelance writer / photographer articles published in LIFE, and Holiday Magazines, know that this is the first time many of the historic nine month in the saddle adventure scenes will be shown outside of an Mark [Twain] my words style travelers lecture circuit ( an estimated 100,000 audience) that included a cruse ship transiting the Panama Canal. If tallying total "best selling readership numbers," then include the 1999 Internet release of Search (something Stephen King tried at the same time) of over 200,000 "unique visitors", with turned out to be a computer shareware failure even with out calculating the theft of copyright protected photos and text. This totally revamped virtual edition of Search has built-in cover-to-cover protection.

If you arrived at this web page without taking a look at how the virtual www.BannerBooks [.com] is handling the need in established book stores to flip through pages to get a real sense of what a dramatic cover will deliver as a worthwhile investment of a readers time ... well here, by clicking below, is another opportunity to see if the sample chapters will work on your tablet book reader.

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Sorry about all the fuss, but creative content providers also need some sort of protection on the World Wide Web from being hacked out of the Ukraine(?) or other venues that do not respect U.S. Copyright Laws concerning theft of intellectual property rights.

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As for the other delivery systems, a USB Flash Card, and an on demand printed 7 x 10 inch flush trimmed perfect bound book, please check back here in a bit to see if the affordable printing logistics have been worked out. Know that all early "Tablet Delivery" e-mail registered content customers will be offered an suitable upgrade price.

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